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Why choose Trifocus Pilates

  • We are the LARGEST Pilates educational institution in South Africa
  • We have been educating students in the field of Pilates since 2001
  • We offer intense comprehensive Pilates courses covering ALL aspects of Pilates done in a group format in the evenings and private courses done in the mornings over a 2 month period
  • All our courses are of the highest international standards
  • We are competitively priced compared to other courses and offer payment plan on request
  • We have 7 large PRIVATELY run Pilate's studios which are placed inside the busy Planet Fitness clubs
  • We offer TOP STUDENTS full time work in our busy studios
  • Trifocus Pilate's instructors have the resources to pick up a large clientele fast and gain experience quickly working at our studios as they are placed in commercial gyms


Christien B

"Sandton studio is a specialized studio with professional trainers and state of the art equipment.

Trifocus Pilates is brilliant by being different to other studios, it provides for each client's specific needs.

Professional Pilates with a personal touch! Sandton studio caters for everyone; rehabilitation, strength training, flexibility, postural corrections, stress and tension relieve, weight loss and toning..."

Michelle S

Michelle Simon started her career in the Performing Arts field where she majored in Physical Theatre. Soon her interest in health, fitness and knowing more about how the human body works drew her to Pilates through which she embarked on a new career with Trifocus Pilates.

Watching people gain confidence, their bodies changing shape and gaining strength is richly rewarding not to mention the wonderful oppurtunity to meet and work with many diverse people. Inspired to always learn new and innovative techniques she keeps up to date with Pilates trends as well as the latest health research and how to keep the human body in optimum working condition.

Trifocus Pilates is the perfect environment for Michelle to not only keep up with what matters to her but also to share it with all her clients at Trifocus Pilates, helping other people to learn that a healthy body means a healthy mind and a simpler life.

Lauren V W

After working a normal 8 to 5 office job for three years, I discovered the world of pilates and absolutely loved it, so decided to do the course through Trifocus. When I finished the course, I was offered employment by Trifocus and decided to leave the corporate world for a much more exciting job!

I have been working as an instructor at the Craighall Park branch for 2 years now and am still loving it, it is a much more fun way of spending the day

Tarryn D

"My name is Tarryn. I have been managing the Planet Pilates studio in the Planet Platinum in Sandton for a year. I have never been happier in terms of my job. I have built myself a great client base, and have only recieved positive remarks from all of them in terms of their pilates and the service we offer. The studio is one of the most beautiful in Johannesburg, and it is a pleasure to come to work every day. Working in the health and fitness industry makes you realise how important health and happiness is. I would recommend becoming a pilates instructor to any one that has an interest in health and fitness. The rewards are great."

Janet M

I have been working for Trifocus Pilates since 2003. I am thrilled to still be part of such a dynamic company! It has been a life changing experience and I have over the past years had the opportunity to really grow as an instructor.

Due to the unique positions of the studios it has been very easy to build and sustain a very successful Pilates business as you have clients literally on your doorstep. I absolutely love the fitness industry because health and wellness, although very important, is being neglected. People just don't make enough time for their health and lifestyle anymore and thats where I can make a huge difference in helping people change their life and well-being. Thank you Tricocus Pilates for giving an opportunity to live out my dream!
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