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The key advantage of correspondence courses lies in the fact that you do not have to be at the place where lectures are being held. Another advantage is that while in the regular courses you need to take down notes for a particular lecture; here you do not have the need to take down the notes, as they are all available in the printed form and delivered straight to you.

The advantage of our Correspondence Education Program is that anyone can receive educational training from Trifocus fitness Academy anywhere and at any time. It provides a particularly good opportunity for those who live far away, or who, due to personal circumstances, are unable to come to the academy to study.

A correspondence teacher will supervise you in your course where needed, answering your questions by e-mail or phone.

Other advantages include:
Flexibility: You study when and where you want to.

Individual study pace: You can study as intensively and as quickly as you like with Trifocus Fitness Academy correspondence course materials.

We offer correspondence courses in the following educational courses:
  • Exercise Science
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • Advanced Pregnancy

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